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September 10, 2014 by josie100olives

Hacked Potato Torilla

Potato Chip Tortillia

I could pretend that I use this recipe because it originated with the culinary king, Ferran Adria, but that would be a lie. I use it because a) I’m lazy and b) my every attempt at making this dish the traditional way has failed spectacularly.
I love the classic Spanish tapas dish Potato Tortilla and have tried numerous times to create it myself at home. Instead of a dense omelette filled with fluffy, perfectly cooked potatoes I end up with oily spuds in runny eggs and burnt, inedible crust.
When I first saw this recipe in which the gently sauteed potatoes are replaced with a packet of plain old potato crisps I was sceptical, but I figured Adria’s got some kitchen chops, and at the very least I wouldnt have to peel any potatoes.

The result was a five-minute, foolproof dinner that can be rustled up from ingredients usually available at even those crappy service station convenience stores. This is now in regular dinner rotation and has already appeared on two FND menus.

The texture of this is not identical to a traditional potato tortilla, but I think it works incredibly well, especially considering the speed and ease with which this comes together.

The version of this recipe I use is from Australian chef Karen Martini, and it includes a layer of the Moroccan-style marinade chermoula. I always add this, as it is absolutely delicious, and I usually have the requisite bits and pieces in the house. I think it would still taste great without, or you could add any other flavourings you fancy – a layer of pesto would give this an Italian vibe, for example.

Any leftover chermoula is great stirred into mayonnaise with some extra lemon juice as a dipping sauce for prawns or chicken. Although I won’t lie, I’ve dunked chips, crackers and bread in it without hesitation.

Martini’s recipe also differs from Adria’s in that he crushes the potato chips before adding them to the eggs, which requires you to use a lot more. She suggests using a packet of those good-quality Kettle-style chip, but I’ve made it with plain old thin-cut crisps and I actually prefer the slightly softer texture these give.

This dish makes a great quick midweek meal when you are pressed for time. Give it a go and let me know what you think.



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